Value-Path Marketing™:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fifth Business answers your questions to gain further insight into how the application of Value-Path Marketing fuels growth for emerging information technology (IT) companies.

What's the high-tech marketing climate like, today?

Technology companies spend a lot of time, effort and money making their products different from all others in the marketplace. Better than the competition and maybe better than everything else out there. But, many have trouble getting everyone to realize it! Putting new ideas across requires a disciplined marketing effort. It requires an appraisal driven that builds inherent, incremental and sustainable value along the way. Simply put, we are in a market laden with noise...many competitors, too many messages...and for high-tech companies, it's more difficult than ever to get the customer's attention. Audiences have turned cynical, especially in the business-to-business space...where savvy customers can smell the hype, most likely based upon at least one bad experience...making customers risk avoidant and more value conscious.

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How do you create sustainable marketing value?

Marketing cost-sensitivity prevails within these high-tech firms...and now success is not being measured by Web hits alone. Entrepreneurs and investors alike are turning to focused and pragmatic marketing initiatives to fuel business models to profitability. "Premature elaboration" with respect to marketing has always been very expensive and now its become futile and often fatal for an enterprise. We think the secret to turning great ideas into successful technology companies is making marketing decisions based upon clear and direct proof "that something is working." Accumulating evidence along a proven path of solid marketing milestones creates sustainable value and equity for stakeholders, prioritizes and preserves capital and dramatically reduces risk...while increasing the success of subsequent milestones. We call this approach "Value-Path Marketing."

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What is the essence of Value-Path Marketing?

Value-Path Marketing recognizes the "when" and "how" of go-to-market programs determine whether a company is "investing" or "simply spending money" on marketing.

The difference lies in mastering the fundamentals, namely, emerging technology companies must have real customers, a defensible technology and the right infrastructure in order to "earn the right" to grow and prosper. Today's high-tech market climate reinforces our belief that a disciplined, yet adaptable, marketing approach is vital to the creation of customer, employee and investment value.

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How do you work Value-Path Marketing milestones into real-world client settings?

The "day-in-the-life" of a Value-Path Marketing implementation starts with a joint assessment of where the client is currently positioned along the value-path, corroborated by the "evidence." We call this discovery the Value-Path Gap Analysis.

This is critical step in our engagement and a prerequisite to the pursuit of future milestones. In fact, this initial effort has proven a unique way of uncovering the truth. Once we agree upon the progress-to-date, we discover exactly where we are on the Value-Path, substantiating efforts to-date with real data...putting us in a solid position to move forward.

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Are Value-Path Marketing milestones sequential?

Value-Path Marketing affords the concurrent pursuit of multiple milestones; however, the level of investment risk and failure rate increases when companies prematurely dedicate resources to downstream milestones.

Our job is to focus the client on the events at hand, while collecting more evidence (intelligence-base), triggering the right to pursue future milestones. With the process underway we become facilitators, evidence collectors and overall marketing operatives on behalf of our clients...providing the discipline, implementation skills and leverage necessary to create measurable and sustainable value.

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Why is Value-Path Marketing attractive?

Value-Path Marketing is dynamic self-evaluation...nimble enough to embrace opportunistic situations and flexible enough to react to diverse investors, customers, prospects and employees.

Value-Path Marketing is, above all, based upon concrete evidence that is continually assembled and analyzed at every milestone along the way!

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