our philosophy:

We understand. You're investing your heart, your soul and your money to make your product and service different from all the others in the marketplace. Better than the competition and often better than anything else out there. Only to discover others don't realize it!

During the Internet craze, many companies were built on the premise that the old rules of strategy and business development no longer apply. Instead, speed to market was believed to be the determining factor―often at the expense of gathering complete information and developing a compelling plan of attack.

Our experience shows that speed can kill.

Marketing hype is dead―developing customer understanding and earning credibility are today's prerequisites to sales and company success. Putting new ideas across requires the discipline to unearth why people buy technology-oriented products and services in a rapidly changing market.

The Fifth Business building block approach to turning great ideas into successful technology companies is the basis for Value-Path Marketing―a discipline based upon constantly increasing levels of clear and direct proof that an organizations' vision and business model are viable.

We invite you to check out Value-Path Marketing for yourself.

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Assuring clear
and direct proof
that your vision
and business model
are viable.