On the Road to Value-Path Marketing™:

Value-Path Marketing (VPM) is about turning great ideas into successful technology companies.

Designed specifically for emerging growth companies, Value-Path Marketing is a proven, milestone-oriented blueprint for creating sustainable product and company value.

VPM driven organizations gain clear and direct proof that their vision and business model are evolving in a scalable and sustainable way.

Achieving VPM milestones increases value and equity for stakeholders, prioritizes and preserves capital, and dramatically reduces the risk and lead times associated with bringing business-to-business information technology companies and their products to market.

Value-Path Marketing encompasses seven key milestones. The interactive graphic below illustrates the Value-Path Marketing journey, where each milestone increases value along the way. Simply hover over any button to identify a VPM milestone. Clicking on it will take you to an in-depth milestone description.

Fifth Business applies the discipline and direction necessary to guide clients through each VPM-oriented milestone.

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