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Bob Roda is CEO and founder of Fifth Business, Inc. Prior to starting Fifth Business, Bob served as executive vice president for Powersoft Corporation, the leading international supplier of the PowerBuilder Series of "industrial strength" client/server application development tools. Bob joined Powersoft in 1987 to "restart" the sales, marketing and customer support activities for Powersoft's ERP product offering, GrowthPower. Under Bob's direction, GrowthPower revenues flourished and funded the development of PowerBuilder. In 1991 Bob orchestrated the commercial launch for PowerBuilder and built a separate distribution and support channel for this new business. After the successful PowerBuilder launch, Bob became general manager for Powersoft's Application Products Division and repositioned it for sale prior to Powersoft's successful public offering. Today, Powersoft is a division of Sybase, Inc., a leading enterprise software and solutions provider.

Bob also served as general manager and senior vice president of sales, marketing and product support for Computer Corporation of America, an international supplier of the MODEL 204 database management system, 4th generation languages, application development tools and distributed database management systems.

Earlier in his career Bob held various field and executive management positions with Tymshare, Incorporated, a service organization whose expertise was geared toward effectively applying software, hardware and communications technologies to access and use information on a remote computing basis.

Throughout his career in the system software, applications and service arena, Bob has had extensive hands-on experience in sales and marketing operations. He continues to work with senior management, boards of directors and venture capitalists to achieve and exceed bottom line results. 

Bob is a graduate of Polytechnic University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in System Science and a Master of Science degree in Operations Research.

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