Milestone 4: Business Model

Bringing a product to market, profitably, is no easy task. And, getting others to understand a company's direction and potential is even a greater challenge.

Fifth Business helps clients develop and effectively communicate a roadmap for establishing a sustainable, profitable and scalable business.

At inception, most clients have a business plan and model. However:

  • Is there validation?

  • Will the business grow and withstand the test of time?

  • Will the stakeholders/investment community be supportive?

  • Is there a realistic growth and/or end-game in sight?

A Value-Path Marketing enhanced business plan validates the business model and is a living, breathing document that reflects "real-world" experiences, unfiltered feedback and timely market dynamics.

A VPM business model course correction can be evolutionary or revolutionary―and we work in and outside the box, depending on client goals and marketplace dynamics.

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your business
to withstand
"the test of time."