Milestone 1: Market Understanding

The foundation of every successful company is the on-going understanding of its customers coupled with how its product or service fits into real or perceived market needs. No Fifth Business client proceeds beyond this milestone without a comprehensive response to the question:

How does your product or service fit within the typical "day in the life" of your customer?

Reaching this milestone requires original research, identifying and quantifying industry trends and analyst driven market sizing and verification as well as "thought leader" endorsements.

At this stage we craft and execute initiatives to help our clients better understand their market and customers.

In many cases, this is a discovery process. Clients often recognize they have been targeting the wrong audiences and need to shift their direction or tighten their focus.

Our "day in the life" approach to market understanding provides greater insight into the business and creates a strong Value-Path Marketing foundation.

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It starts
with a "day
in the life"
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